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Snack Pack Ministry

The Snack Pack Ministry is a program sponsored by many churches in many towns with the goal of providing food to children for the weekend when they would not be receiving the free meals the school provides during the week.

In the fall of 2013 the church started the program under the leadership of Judith Anna.  We now work with three of the Springtown elementary schools.  Students needing this assistance are identified by the school counselors who also distribute the packs.  This last school year, we served 110 children.

We meet each Thursday at 9:00 in the fellowship hall to pack bags and to make deliveries to the schools.  We have a great group of volunteers.  It is good fellowship for us and a very rewarding program.  If you would like to join us, we always welcome sorters, box breaker downers, packers and deliverers.

This program is maintained strictly by individual donations.  We have had to limit the number from each school due to funding.  Cornerstone Church has been supporting 25 children.  If you would like to financially help support this program, and amount is greatly appreciated.  We spend approximately $18 a month per child.

Please help us bless these children.

Snack Pack Committee